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If you think you have the quality of a good Filipino Worker then it’s time for you to shine. Go ahead and send your applications below. Thank You and Good Luck!

Email Your Resumes: info @


18 Responses to Contact Us

  1. I’m a nigerian who is physicaly fit,energetic and computer literate, i need a job to improve my standad of living. I resided in western part of the country and i would be glad if i can be able to get a job in those mentioned countries

  2. concepcion nacario gonzales says:

    I want this job..b’coz my salary here in riyadh is small.i have a 4 children,and my income is not enough to them..i came back to philippines by sept this year
    then i apply again to another country.i see this is trrue that a high salary ?have a placement fee?how much?agency i apply? and your contact #?and the person i look ?

  3. Joenil adena says:

    This is the opportunity i’ve been waiting..

  4. Joenil adena says:

    To earn a high salary in a good company,.and also i want? to go to australia.

  5. Remin Urap says:

    Work in Australia,Europe and Canada

  6. I sent my application to your email address, however, my email cannot go through. I’m applying to work abroad. My website is online portfolio you can view to gauge my application success.


  7. Janely Mae T. Abudante says:

    Why i cant send my resume with the given Email address above?

  8. i want to apply in ur country to raise my family in poverty and crisis

  9. fairul says:

    I want work as a fruit picker.

  10. Ron Fenn says:

    I am American, what jobs do you have available?

  11. dominga gambito says:

    hoping that this is true.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I want this job.dearly….

  13. Janice Ballesteros says:

    I will be finishing with my contract this coming August so I want to apply to any vacancy that you have.

  14. I want to apply to any vacancy you have.

  15. Evangeline magno says: me ..very interested to apply any vacancies job u have…thanks and more power

  16. Evangeline magno says:

    im very much interested me find any job vacancies u have…pls…thank you.

  17. Loise says:

    Its a great oppurtunity to apply in any country. Im interested and ,pls let me know where to apply .

  18. jennefer sanchez says:

    please help me i want a job for my family heres my contact number 09173322349

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